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7 Apr

Kristen’s Taco Salad

27 Mar

Taco Salad

What you need:

Ground Turkey meat

Green onion


Black Beans or Kidney beans

Butter Lettuce


Natural shredded cheese

Corn (I use the TJ’s corn and chille salsa)


Low fat thousand island dressing

Organic corn chips

Tj’s Taco Seasoning

What you do:

Brown the meat and add in the seasoning and chopped green onion

Heat up the black beans

put the butter lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, corn and avocado into your salad bowl

Mix a little bit of thousand island with some salsa for your dressing

Add the meat and black beans once they cool down a little bit

Add organic corn chips if you would like.

perfect salad

14 Mar


My favorite dinner is salad! So good.

What you need:


Hearts of palm

Kalamata Olives



Red peppers (any color)

Diced cucumbers


Fat free feta

Grilled chicken breast

Dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano)

grill shrimp & veggie salad with quinoa

1 Mar

What you need:

Green beans


Cherry tomatoes



Chili garlic sauce

Salt & Pepper

Low fat salad dressing (I ended up using low fat italian)

What do you do:

Sautee the veggies in olive oil with a little pepper.

Mix the shrimp with the chili garlic sauce/Salt & Pepper/dressing and then grill the shrimp till its done.

Cook the quinoa.

Mix them all together!

quinoa black bean salad

29 Feb

Quinoa and me just became best friends! I use quinoa in almost everything I make lately!

What is in this lovely mix you ask?


Black Beans


Cherry Tomatoes

Honey Lime dressing (olive oil, honey, lime juice, garlic, cayenee pepper)


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