work out together

18 Apr




For many of us, working out is not our favorite past time. There are so many other things we would rather be doing instead of working out, like spending time with our spouse or significant other.

Instead of using your spouse as an excuse to not work out, consider working out with them.

There can be many benefits to working out with your spouse, such as:

1. Encouragement: Nobody knows you quite like your spouse does. They are likely the best person to push you and encourage you to reach your goals.

2. Scheduling: Working out with your spouse is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on ‘spouse time’ because of the gym. Consider making a date of it. Work out and then spend some time in the spa or treat yourselves to a healthy snack or dinner.

3. Cost savings: Joining a gym as a couple will often allow you to take advantage of specials or deals which can save you money in the long run.

4. The Talk Test: Experts agree the ideal cardio work out means you should be breathing heavy but still able to talk, so use treadmill time to catch up with each other

5. Rewards: Set up a system of rewards to encourage you both to reach your goals. It’s a great idea to have individual goals as well as a shared goal. For example, if you both enjoy running, promise each other a special treat once you reach a combined distance of say 1,000 miles!



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