Healthy vs. anorexic

22 Mar

It was brought to my attention the other day that young girls that see skinny girls on Pinterest my want to become anorexic.  I just wanted to put it on my blog that all my posts are about Healthy women, not anorexic women.  There is a difference between anorexic and healthy.  I have tons of healthy recipes on my site and encourage girls to eat, heck I even say in my blog to eat up to six times a day! Never starve yourself, it is unhealthy and will damage your body. Read this article from about what being anorexic does to your body; Everyone’s body is different, so embrace yours and try to live a healthy life. My blog is to encourage people to work out and eat good, not to make people feel bad about themselves! I look at these women and they help me get off my butt and work out for an hour everyday and say no to junk food/fast food, I say “thank you” to them because I am motivated by them.

I found the article below to share from….

I know it may seem trendy or cool to be extremely thin and a size 0, I admit I have wanted to be size 0 before but now I realise that its not all its cracked up to be. Being super thin doesn’t make you happy. Actually I think you will find that it will make you unhappy and withdrawn from your friends and family. I’ve been doing some research and a lot of people search for ‘how to be anorexic’. It’s pretty silly isn’t it. Celebrities who are super skinny gain media attention and the more exposure they have the more work they get. This gives young girls the message that being extremely thin makes you popular and happy.

The only way to be as thin as Nicole Richie or Mary Kate used to be is to starve yourself. If you do starve yourself chances are it will lead to uncontrollable binge episodes and then you will be riddled with guilt. This is how eating disorders come about. After you have eaten a huge amount of calories uncontrollably you will be desperate to get rid of them. This is how bulimia starts. Bulimia, exercise bulimia or taking laxatives (its proven laxatives don’t do get rid of any of the calories at all, it just gets rid of water weight making you feel better about yourself).

I think a lot of the celebrities do have eating disorders and the ones who do are definitely not happy. An eating disorder can quickly and easily overtake your life. A lot of the time eating disorders develop from diets. Somebody may decide they want to lose weight so they start on a healthy diet and exercise plan. People start to notice and give them compliments, this is where it can become addictive. Eventually weight loss slows down and the person has to reduce calories even further to see any results. Then the weight loss will stop again and once again calories are reduced. It’s a vicious cycle and something to be avoided.

I’ve included a couple of videos, the first one is Kim Strothers. She’s a Ford Fitness Model and eats 5 times a day. The second video is a TV Ad about anorexia. The girl in the ad probably eats less than 200 calories a day or goes for days without eating and exercises a lot. Notice how vibrant and happy Kim is and how unhappy and depressed the girl in the second video is. It just proves that a healthy diet and exercise regime really makes the world of difference. Click here to get a healthy diet plan.

Eating disorders are lonely. If you think you may be suffering from an eating disorder there is help available out there. Go to

Here is someone that eats healthy and works out.  By eating healthy and working out, it will lead to a happier and healthier life.  

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