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25 uses for Tea Tree Oil

14 Jul


Here are 25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil from KeeperoftheHome:

1. Helps heal and soothe sunburns.
2. Heals skin infections naturally.
3. Relieves itchiness from rashes as well as helps reduce rashes.
4. Can be used as an all-purpose cleaner
5. Treats acne.
6. Helps to prevent lice naturally; just add a few drops to your shampoo.
7. A few drops in your pets’ crates or beds keep the fleas away.
8. Removes ticks
9. Cures toenail fungus and Athlete’s foot.
10. Helps remove skin tags.
11. Naturally cures bad breath.
12. Can be used in a homemade toothpaste recipe.
13. Has been found as an effective treatment for warts.
14. Soothes insect bites.
15. Treats ringworm.
16. Treats psoriasis and other skin conditions.
17. Relieves asthma or other breathing conditions when a few drops are added to a humidifier.
18. Works as as antiseptic on small cuts.
19. Keeps your bathroom fresh.
20. Relieves earaches
21. Freshen laundry
22. Helps freshen carpet.
23. Can be used in several homemade kitchen cleaners.
24. Cleans mold: Mix apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and scrub mold; place outside to sun-dry.
25. Can be used in a homemade natural deodorant.

To learn more information on this 25 uses for tea tree oil, kindly check the link below…

25 Uses for Tea Tree Oil for Healthy Living

BIKINI Inspiration!

14 Jul

tumblr_mfd7m1YgPj1r8qnp4o1_500tumblr_m71xagJnem1rai3exo1_500_largetumblr_m5q8iq3feS1qezpw2tumblr_lp47htsQkE1qbxzp5o1_500ashley-sky-17-2BIKINI Inspiration!


Live Healthy

14 Jul


HELLO! I am back!

11 Feb

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not posted in such a long time, I have been busy and honestly just put the blog on my back burner for a bit.  I wanted to give you all a little update on what has been going on the last few months and let you know that I will start posting a few posts a week! ;))))

So I have been working for an anti-bullying company called BullyVille and it is so awesome! We have such a great team of people; our founder is an ex-marine and is amazing,  Dj Ashba from Guns n Roses and Becca Tobin from Glee as our spokes people and they are also so amazing for what they have done to help! Bullying is a HUGE problem all over the world and I am happy to be working with BullyVille to try to do what we can to stop it.  Check out my blog for

While I was away, I also went to visit my sister in Brisbane, Australia! We went all over the city, went down to the Gold Coast, flew to Carnes and went white water rafting, snorkeling by the Great Barrier Reef, drove to a ton of water falls, natural water slides, hiked through forests/jungles and so much more! This was a great vacation! 



And I also messed around with my hubby and my friends ;) ImageImageImage



Top plant based iron sources

25 May


exercise and eating well

16 Apr

Favorite ab workout with my trainer

14 Apr


yoga love

2 Apr

Dying to try this swing!!!!!!!!

lean workout machine

1 Apr

Body-Weight Challenge

Perform the following four moves as a circuit: Do one for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then move on to the next. Repeat twice. To increase difficulty, do the exercises for 30 seconds but keep the resting time the same. This finisher will take about five minutes.

1. Speed Squat: With feet hip-width apart, bend your knees to 90 degrees, keeping your chest upright. Return to standing as quickly as possible.

2. Squat Thrust: With your feet

hip-width apart, bend your knees to place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back into a pushup position. Quickly reverse to return to standing.

3. Mountain Climber: From a pushup position, quickly bring alternating knees toward your chest.

4. Speed Skip: Skip in place, quickly bringing alternating knees up toward your chest.

Body Bonus: Sculpts your arms, back, shoulders, and legs


flat belly

30 Mar


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