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Trader Joe’s Favorites

22 Jul

almonds DSC_2347mozzfrDSC_2362 DSC_2351

green smoothie

25 Apr

more reasons to love Chobani greek yogurt

21 Apr

100 calories nuts chart

17 Apr

apple love

17 Apr

love from the greens

16 Apr

celery, peanut butter and raw almonds

14 Apr

Found this on Undressed Skeleton and tried it! Super yummy!

1/4 Slice of Large Celery Stalk!
60 Calories
6g Fat
3g Protein
7g Carbs

Cauliflower rice

10 Apr

I am pretty much in LOVE! If you love rice and want to eat it without the carbs, try Cauliflower rice!


Head of cauliflower.

Seasonings. (I used butter, salt and pepper)

Blender/food processor

Microwave safe dish with a lid

What you do:

Cut the cauliflower from the head and cut it into smaller pieces.  Wash and dry the pieces and then put them into the blender/food processor and mix it till it is the size of rice.  Add Cauliflower into microwave safe dish with the lid (nothing else, don’t add water) and microwave for 5 minutes.  When it is done add what ever seasoning  you would like!


Example of the dish I used:

fruit love

9 Apr

yogurt pops

9 Apr

Frozen Yogurt Pops.

Makes 9

  • 1 1/2 cups Strawberry Jam
  • 2 cups low-fat Greek yogurt


  1. Fold jam into yogurt. Fill ice-pop molds and freeze until firm, at least 6 hours; store for up to 3 days.

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